Our Residents Say

“I love my life in the village” My family are happy they know I am safe and secure and that the staff here are very kind and caring and will help me when needed.”


“Before making the decision to come to Silverstream I visited many retirement villages but I kept returning to Silverstream. I am so happy that I decided in the end to buy this lovely Villa. I have all day sun plus the village has great security! I feel very safe living here. Being a small village we all get to know each other very quickly, with always someone to have a talk to over a cupper or a glass of wine. The Village Leisure Centre are where many activities take place. Management assisted me in many ways to make moving into the village, stress free. New people are made to feel very welcome. Not once have I regretted making the decision to live at Silverstream.”


“Since I moved to Silverstream I have never had so many fun things to do. The wonderful bus trips and activities organised by caring staff keep me very busy. I love my spacious villa and keep warm in winter with my cosy fire and heat pump. I enjoy great social times at the Leisure Centre with all the other friendly residents. I have never looked back!”


“The decision to leave the familiarity of one’s home, is one many of us are faced with in later life. The prospect of a new environment is daunting, but my choice to live at Silverstream, was one of the best I have ever made. Thanks to the caring, helpful and friendly staff and the welcoming residents so that transition was made so much easier than I had expected. The village is small, well maintained and secure. Each villa has its individual appeal. Activities are many and varied and enjoyed by all, in beautiful surroundings. The lifestyle I enjoy at Silverstream, is the envy of my friends and the peace of mind it offers to all families knowing that their loved ones are happy and safe, makes Silverstream – The Place to Live!”


“We made the decision to move, and we chose Silverstream because of the size of the villas and the friendly residents we met before moving here. Moving to Silverstream is the best thing we could have done. We are both happy and feel very secure. We were even allowed to bring Chester, our dog! Happy, Happy!”

Jean and Barry

“Having recently shifted into Silverstream Village Jim and I are enjoying showing family and friends our lovely spacious villa. Our future now settled we are enjoying making new friendships here and the benefits of having excellent staff co-ordination.”


“It was a big decision to leave my home of 60 years but I have not for a moment regretted it. The staff are great and village life is pleasant. You can join in as much or as little as you wish – your choice.. The community life here is great and the staff so helpful and caring. Life could not be better.”


“I have been here 7 years and I am very happy and comfortable. The staff are always helpful and caring. What more could you want when you are my age, to feel safe, secure and happy.”


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